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Build a blockchain using the best-in-class open source libraries and services.

Community-owned and operated

Enter a new universe of connected services.

Quantam apps and services connect using IBC, the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol. This innovation enables you to freely exchange assets and data across sovereign,


Apps & services, and growing.
$63B+ USD
Digital assets under management.
Enter the Quantam Hub

The heart of the Interchain.

Serving as the economic center of the Interchain, the Quantam Hub is a blockchain that provides vital ecosystem services.


Set to operate a next-gen decentralized exchange, swapping digital assets from across the Interchain, with very low fees and instant transaction confirmation.

Security provider

With the upcoming Interchain Security feature, ATOM will soon be securing many chains, in exchange for additional staking rewards.


A core mission of the Hub – to connect chains by establishing IBC connections with compatible chains and operating decentralized bridges with chains like Ethereum and Bitcoin.


Located at the crossroads of the Interchain, the Hub is extremely secure, the best place to hold digital assets and manage accounts across many chains.

Secured by the ATOM.

In return for securing the services on the Quantam Hub, transaction fees and staking rewards are distributed to ATOM stakers.

Join the Interchain.

Powerful features

Interchain Accounts

One secure account for all your digital assets.

Coming soon

Decentralized Exchange

Swap tokens & collectibles.

Coming soon

Liquidity Pools

Provide liquidity.
Earn rewards.

Coming soon

Wrapped ETH / BTC

+ Ethereum.
+ Bitcoin.

Coming soon

Quantam Hub
Quantam SDK


The most trusted way to build value.

Quantam SDK is a state-of-the-art blockchain framework that powers the Quantam Hub and its rapidly expanding orbit of sovereign chains.

With Quantam SDK, you're ready to build innovative applications and create value in the internet of blockchains.


99%lower carbon footprint

Blockchain tech that truly scales.

Low fees


Enjoy the lowest fees – almost zero.

Fast transactions

7 sec

Transactions confirmed in seconds.


What will you build?

The interchain stack is the foundation of the new era of blockchain technology. Join a fast-growing token economy and build upon a secure and stable foundation.

Decentralized Finance Applications

Create exchanges and marketplaces that allow anyone around the world to buy, trade, invest, and lend – even without a bank account.

Resilient, autonomous organizations

Empower your community to organize and allocate resources to its members. Vote on impactful governance decisions.

Game economies, owned by players

Create in-game assets that are available forever. Bring lasting value to gamers by letting them take their loot to another game or into the real world.

Join the Interchain.

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